I SPECIALIZE IN SUPPORTING CLIENTS TO BUILD HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, address childhood trauma, and alleviate anxiety.

My work helps make positive change with clients who are facing:

  • Unfulfilling Relationships And The Desire To Improve Relationship Skills (for individuals, couples, and adult family members)
  • Anxiety, Fear, And Toxic Stress
  • Unresolved Childhood Developmental Trauma
  • Near Death Experiences, Including Birth Trauma, Surgeries, Poisoning, Falls/Injuries, High Fevers, Combat Trauma
  • Life Transitions – Divorce (adults), Changing Professions, Stage Of Life (for adolescents and adults)
  • Parenting Challenges And The Longing To Be A More Conscious Parent
  • Chronic Pain And Life Threatening Illness
  • Spiritual Crises Or An Interest In Spiritual Growth
  • Depression, Isolation, And Withdrawal

I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet your needs of the moment while holding respect for the path you have already taken and holding reverence for the wealth of your inner wisdom. I am committed to being fully present for you during our journey together.

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