The Somatic Energetic Psychotherapeutic Integration (SEPI) Training teaches practitioners how to combine three paradigms of healing practices within clinical practice:

  1. Fundamentals of Western Psychology
  2. Eastern and indigenous people’s multi-dimensional energetic reality
  3. The mind-body connection.

Specifically, SEPI blends theoretical knowledge of psychology, critical thinking skills, energetic healing techniques, basic Somatic Experiencing interventions, and spirituality. This one-of-a-kind, intensive 9-month training program offers participants a combination of psychodynamic and transpersonal-based psychological theory, case conceptualization, hands-on psycho-spiritual energetic techniques, mindfulness, and relevant neuroscience research.

What is so compelling about this approach? SEPI supports your clients to live a more loving, open-hearted and undefended life. It supports your clients to live a life where they embody and express their uniqueness. They are more free and more available for conscious and loving relationship with themselves, with others, and with the earth.

The training teaches an empowerment model which will help your clients to work through emotional, mental, energetic, and physiological blocks in order to have a direct sensate experience of their true nature. Your clients will be able to differentiate between ineffective coping strategies and their authentic selves, resulting in healthier, more joyful relationships.

Here is how the traditional psychological, the energetic, and the somatic frameworks correspond:

Psychological Framework Somatic/ Energetic Framework
Attachment styles, neuroscience theory Energetic relational cord connections, energetic attunement
Intersubjective field Energetics of therapeutic relationship, Neo-Reichian character defense structures, mindfulness
Intergenerational transmission Layered conscious and unconscious energetic blocks in the body
PTSD, developmental trauma, anxiety Unresolved trauma in the autonomic nervous system


Click here for detailed information about the SEPI training program, including dates, modules, cost, location, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and application.