In the Western World, some people overlook the non-material dimension of reality and do not question the meaning of this perplexing existence. Western worldview highly regards intellectually based pursuit for truth and reveres it over almost all other ways of perception. Historically, the value of spirituality has been usurped by structured religion and a direct connection with the beloved mystery is minimized. Engaging in critical thinking, which includes grappling with the Unknown, has been replaced by adhering to specific precepts of moral conduct. Despite the immense wisdom of our intellect and of many religions’ basic tenets, the effects of these priorities have resulted in vast untapped and devalued terrains. Interfacing with and being informed by these landscapes offer greater meaning to our lives and catalyze the evolution of human consciousness, which at this point is imperative for the sustainability of our species.

We are profoundly more than solely our conscious and unconscious minds or our physical bodies or spirits in form. We are 7 billion soulful human beings hurling through space on an abundant, intelligent, and magnificent planet, some of us struggling for every day survival, some living with contentment as the days pass, and others working to heal intergenerational and collective pain and trauma within the safety of a group cohort or a skilled practitioner’s office. We are thinking, feeling, creating, sensing, moving, evolving, imagining, pulsing, perceiving, dreaming, and projecting animals-with-consciousness. What an amazing, sacred, rich, and mysterious existence!

Contemporary scientific theory agrees that this existence is far beyond what we have the capacity to formulate with our rational minds and to perceive with modern technology or our five senses. Quantum physics purports that we live in a multi-dimensional holographic universe of interdependence to one another, other sentient animals, and beyond. When we slow down long enough from our “modern” lives, we are afforded the opportunity to tap into aspects of this interconnection and to create links to our ancestry, our intrinsic nature, and this universality despite race, age, culture, education, religion, language, gender, economic status, sexual preference, gender identity or nationality.

Individually, the value of having a direct connection to the mystery and vastness of life is a means to open up our ideas of who we are and who we are not. As a result, we have the potential to live with greater freedom to express our authentic selves and to have an enriched capacity to be in conscious, loving relationship with ourselves, with one another, and the environment. Collectively, this fosters a greater propensity for our species to build resiliency on emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physiological levels.